Cost per standard cemetery plot is $700.00. Contact the Aztec Cemetery Association to purchase your plot or call Daniel Lawson at 505-334-8950.

All lots or plots must be paid for before a burial takes place, or special arrangement made by the cemetery association.

Since headstones, footstones, monuments, ground cover and borders on a plot are the property of the deed holder, appearance and maintenance are the responsibility of the owner.  Aztec Cemetery is not a perpetual care cemetery; therefore, it is necessary for deed owners and families to assist with the maintenance and upkeep. Any bushes or shrubs must be planted within the confines of a plot. When planting bushes or shrubs, care should be taken in regard to size and future growth. Grass, statues, benches etc are permitted within the confines of a designated plot with prior approval of the cemetery association designee. Rocks, chips and bark are not permitted.

Download the Rules and Regulations.