People generally fear or shun death, but the Aztec Cemetery is filled with history, with stories, and with memories that make it a special place. So if you’re interested in gravestone architecture, human nature stories, genealogy research, or an opportunity to honor the deceased, we welcome you to this site. Much of the historical information contained within this site was taken from A Brief History of the Aztec Cemetery by Joe Boettcher..

The purpose of the governing board remains basically the same as when it was established in 1981 – “to operate, manage, and maintain the Aztec Cemetery.”  The Aztec Cemetery is an invaluable resource for historical and genealogical research and is a monument to the pioneers of the region and others who inhabited this community.

As Aztec Cemetery is a non-profit sssociation, all proceeds from the sales of plots are reinvested back into the cemetery to maintain and preserve the cemetery for future generations.

If you find an error or have more information about an interment, please use the contact form to send the corrections to the cemetery association. Also, if cremated remains are buried in family plots by family members, please be sure to contact the cemetery association so that a record of the burial can be recorded.